Each One is a Separate Adventure: Design Rings
Some things in nature are special, unique. Just like our fingerprints and our characters… The diamond, which is a special and precious stone, also has a unique side; There is no other like it in nature. Zen Pırlanta dedicated its design ring collection inspired by the theme of uniqueness to women who make a difference with their style. There are original stories at the core of each design, the story awaits the delicate fingers of its owner to find life. Each design has a strong story behind it, and each design promises to create different emotions. A modern stance with geometric shapes, a noble look with classical figures, an avant-garde design with moving lines are included in the same collection. Rings for all styles and tastes shine with brilliance. Complementing your office elegance, indispensable for home comfort, accompanying street walks and night parties, these rings become indispensable in your jewelry box.
The color of gold used as well as the formal features of the designs are among the reasons for the dazzling appearance. Pink and white gold are often used in designer gold rings. Underneath, it is a frequent destination for those who want to go out of the classics. The diamonds adorning the gold make each ring look unique. The harmony of gold and diamond shows itself once again in design rings. Each of the most specially designed rings that you can present to the woman in your life on special occasions such as her birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day has a different adventure and is waiting for its explorers at Zen Diamond!
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