Witness of Unforgettable Moments, Solitaire Rings
Solitaire rings, the most beautiful story of your love with diamonds in the leading roles, are in Zen Diamond. The symbol of love and devotion, the diamond continues to be the focus of attention of women alone on the stage… The solitaire diamond ring, which shines on the fingers like a sign of relationships, is unique like you and special as your love. You will love the solitaire ring collection, which includes very special models! Every woman is special and they want to wear a special ring just like them. Therefore, the solitaire style that every woman likes is also different.
Zen Diamond offers many different ring models with lines ranging from classic to modern in special designs designed by being inspired by the unique characters of women. Variables such as the carat of the stone, the shape of the mount, the thickness ratio of the nails are the most important criteria of a solitaire ring. Considering your style, you can easily choose the most suitable models for your finger shape. If you are in favor of classics, you can choose a simple design, if you like flamboyance, you can choose a large stone, if you like modern lines, you can choose dynamic designs, if you like sparkle, you can choose models crowned with light.
Solitaires are the shining star of the most special days of your love, such as marriage proposal, wedding anniversary, and the accessories that men think of most when choosing. The solitaire rings that you will feel every time you hold the hand of the woman you love will also shine in her hands as a symbol of your love and shine like a star forever. Your most important day will be crowned with a solitaire and the witnesses of these unforgettable moments will be solitaires.
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