The New Name of Elegance: Reina
Reina necklace, which is one of the most flamboyant forms of diamonds; was designed with inspiration from women who are the epitome of elegance. Elegant like them, special like them... Reina necklaces, which blend flamboyance and simplicity, are candidates to be the indispensable shine of delicate necks. Ideal for those who want to add splendor to their simplicity and those who want to balance their splendor with simplicity! It is very possible to be the favorite of the crowd by using it in a stylish invitation or a special celebration. On the other hand, special designs that can be used easily to crown your simplicity with diamonds are available in this collection! Elegance and attractiveness are at the forefront of this collection, which includes unique designs. Looking at the necklaces with different designs, each one seems to have a unique story.
Reina necklace models draw attention with their original lines. You can combine your Reina necklace with the earrings in Zen Diamond's Reina collection, or you can make a simple entrance by using it plain. Reinas, who are candidates to be the most precious ones in your jewelry box, can also be indispensable for you. If you intend to buy a gift for the woman in your life for a special day, the Reina necklace is just right for you. With its special design and special craftsmanship, Reina necklaces should of course go to the woman who is special to you. For those who are curious about the new name of elegance, Reina necklaces are waiting for you at Zen Diamond.
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