A Noble Touch To Your Noble Fingers...

Taking its name from “Reina”, which means Queen in Spanish, this collection was designed with inspiration from the nobility in the souls of women. In this series, in which the magnificence of the nobles is reflected, floral and delicate forms are at the forefront. Reina rings, which offer a romantic look in this state, appeal to women who carry a romantic nobleman in their soul. If you are in favor of a simple magnificence in your style, if you want to be a monument of nobility with your romantic stance, your choice can be a diamond Reina ring. Floral figures are at the center of the designs. Floral variations of the diamond turn into different forms in each ring. With its models ranging from romantic to classical, this series promises rings that are just as different from each other but that have the same nobility in essence. A noble touch to your noble fingers comes with Reina rings from Zen. Reina rings, which you will be happy to have with you at all hours of the day, are waiting for your elegant touches to accompany your office elegance, street walks, friend's meetings, and celebrations. From your casual clothes to your stylish combinations, they will adapt to you in every style and will be your indispensable part.

In the marriage proposal, you can give a worthy Reina solitaire to the woman who will be the Queen of your life, and you can be unforgettable for her. Reina rings are undoubtedly one of the most romantic gifts that can be given on special occasions such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries. You can refresh the engagement of your love with these rings and re-bloom the romantic winds.

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