The most exciting day of life: Wedding Day


A ring that enchants: The most beautiful sign for your wedding.

The ring is still the most romantic symbol expressing your love. As an engagement ring, the sign for infinity is particularly well suited. Rings are still fashionable to wear and adorn every hand.


To seal your engagement, the jewelry is particularly well-suited and is the dazzling coronation of your decision. You are still looking for the perfect jewelry for perhaps the most beautiful occasion in the world? A simple but elegant solitaire ring is the classic engagement ring. Show with the diamond in prongs that your chosen one is the only one for you. Make your sweetheart happy with the brilliance and sparkles of a diamond.


We have a fine selection of different engagement rings in our assortment. White gold rings set with a single or decorated with several diamonds: Let us convince you of our offer and find a noble piece of jewelry to express your love.


You have found the right person and feel a deep connection, which you want to seal with a "Yes!"? Then you should also find the right wedding ring. A wedding ring should reflect the character of the person and still shine through simple design. Decorated with diamonds or without stones in a very chic and classic way, we have particularly elegantly shaped rings that you can put to your loved one's finger. The interlocking rings symbolize the union of two loving people. The clearly held rings are a shapely and simple sign of your love. All our rings can be optionally provided with a personal engraving. With us, you will receive a large selection of rings with different shapes and materials, which is lovingly and thus produced unique. Yellow, white or rose gold, here you will find the matching ring for your wedding.


200 years of experience: Knowledge meets modern design


High-quality rings testify the experience of Zen Diamond’s craftsmanship. For 200 years, lovingly handcrafted jewelry has been made here, which makes loving hearts beat faster. Classic designs, shapely frames and elegant cut diamonds: our selection of different jewelry variations will inspire you too. Choose the most beautiful Jewels from our collections and let our handcrafted rings with free shipping and insurance, deliver to your doorstep. So that you can concentrate on your loved one and enjoy the anticipation of the most beautiful day of your life.


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