Ring Size

You have two options to determine your ring size.
In the first method, take a suitable ring and measure the inner diameter of the ring with a ruler on a millimeter scale. Then read your ring size from the table.
The second method to determine your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of string where you want to wear the ring. Alternatively, you can also wrap a strip of paper tightly around your knuckle, mark the spot and then measure the length of the strip up to the marking (in mm). Please be careful not to wrap the cord too tightly.
Please note the following:
The fingers of the left and right hand are usually of different thicknesses, so you should also measure the exact finger on which you want to wear the ring.
Your ring size changes over the course of the day. Fingers are usually thicker in the evening than in the morning.
The ring size also changes over the course of your life. Therefore, do not trust a size that was determined a long time ago.
Fingers are usually thicker in summer than in winter. The higher the temperature, the thicker the fingers.
Conversion formula and table (diameter - circumference) ring / finger circumference = inner diameter x 3.14 inner diameter = finger circumference x 0.318
PS: The sizes marked below are the best-selling sizes.